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Magnolia 'Athene' - magnolia Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

Magnolia 'Athene' - magnolia

Athene is a large-flowered magnolia hybrid, a cross between magnolia „Mark Jury“ and magnolia x soulangeana „Lennei Alba“. The flowers have almost white petals with deep red or purple red shades at the bottom. They are very fragrant and reach 25-30 cm across when fully opened. It is an early …

Aralia elata 'Variegata' - Japanese angelica tree Plants / Deciduous Trees

Aralia elata 'Variegata' - Japanese angelica tree

If you are looking for an architectural plant that will attract passers-by’s eyes but will require zero maintenance at the same time and on top of that will be hardy enough not to worry about it in winter, have a look at this Japanese angelica tree. Could the leaves look like angel’s wings to be …