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Ficus carica 'Bornholm´s Diamond' - fig tree Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

Ficus carica 'Bornholm´s Diamond' - fig tree

Another hardy fig that can grow and even fruit in our climate (zone 6) is called Bornholm’s Diamond (Bornholms Diamant). Its name and characteristics were derived from a Swedish variety called Bornholm bred on on island of the same name. This one is more tolerant of damp weather which makes it suitable …

Daylilies: facts & fiction Plants / Perennials


In between the big spring tidying up and the hectic of autumn plantings there is a brief time in July when - exception granted for a few chores - the gardener has nothing to do but enjoy his flowers. No danger of cold snaps, incredible weather or other terrors. Moreover days are long and one can sit …