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Dictospermum album var rubrum - Hurricane Palm Plants / Other

Dictospermum album var rubrum - Hurricane Palm

Native to the Mascarene islands. Long arching fronds with broad leaflets to 3 having a blackish grey trunk to 30. Known for flowering at early age and for its bulging base and large crownshaft. Beautiful in the tropical landscape. Hardy in zones 10-11. …

Cyrtostachys renda - Lipstick Palm Plants / Tropical and Subtropical Plants

Cyrtostachys renda - Lipstick Palm

Popularly known as the sealing-wax palm or lipstick palm, this is one of the most colorful tropical palms. It is native to Malaysia, Borneo, and Sumatra where it grows in coastal peat swamps, sometimes reaching heights of over 15 feet. The crownshaft and petioles are brilliant scarlet (or orange in some …