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Hellebores: A Comprehensive Guide

A Comprehensive Guide | A mere 10 years ago, hellebores were considered connoisseurs plants-subdued in coloration, hard to find, and the subject of much snobbery. Today, however, they are among the hottest perennials, thanks to their early bloom, long-lasting flowers, shade tolerance, handsome foliage, …

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Breadfruit Production Guide

Breadfruit Production Guide: Recommended practices for growing, harvesting, and handling Despite increasing consumer demand and an imminent production surge in breadfruit, a number of barriers must be overcome in order to increase the market availability, distribution, and commercial competitiveness …

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Art and the Gardener

In Art and the Gardener, Gordon Hayward s tenth book on garden design, he makes a radical departure from his earlier approaches in order to explore elements of visual language across two artistic disciplines-fine painting and garden design-in hopes that the remarkable crosscurrents will help reveal how …