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Red Hot Chilli Grower

Red Hot Chilli Grower: The complete guide to planting, picking and preserving chillies From Hungarian Hot Wax to Red Savina, and Scotch Bonnet to Elephant s Trunk, chilis come in dozens of shapes, colors and degrees of spiciness - from sweet and succulent to blow-your-head-off hot. …

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Capsicum pubescens - Rocoto

Synonyms: Brachistus lanceifolius, Capsicum annuum var. violaceum, Capsicum lanceifolium, Capsicum violaceum Capsicum pubescens is a species of the genus Capsicum (pepper), known as rukutu, ruqutu (Quechua, hispanicized rocoto) and luqutu (Aymara, hispanicized locoto) and in Mexico known as the Manzano …