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Clematis ´Nelly Moser' - Clematis Plants / Climber Plants

Hybrid Clematis - Nelly Moser (Red-Barred Mauve)

Enormous flowers--8-9 inches across--cover the vines June through frost. Vivid colors make the blossoms look tropical, but clematis is tough and hardy--nearly carefree once established. Requires a support (something thin, like wire or chain link, will work best) and climbs 8-12 feet. Does best when planted …

Fiskars 62 Inch - Pruning Stik Garden care / Garden Tools

Fiskars 62 Inch - Pruning Stik

The Fiskars pruning stik is a lightweight, multipurpose pruning tool with the ability to trim tree branches up to 12-feet tall without needing a ladder. The pruning stik features Fiskars PowerStroke sliding-grip cutting action that lets you prune by simply sliding the plastic grip (or pulling the orange …

Caring for Clematis (1) Plants / Climber Plants

Clematis Bee´s Jubilee

Clematis are popular vines that belong to the Ranunculaceae family of plants. Clematis are primarily grown to add vertical interest to a garden with their colourful flowers, fascinating seed heads and attractive deciduous or evergreen foliage. Several hundred different species and cultivars are available …