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Cacti and Succulents

An Illustrated Guide to the Plants and their Cultivation (Crowood Aviation S.) | An essential guide to cacti and other succulents, featuring 420 color photos and a wealth of information on the plants and their cultivation. Beautifully illustrated and highly accessible, this guide is both an instructive …

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The Plantfinder's Guide to Cacti & Other Succulents

Like the other titles in this series, this handsome full-color book is accessible but provides sufficient depth and detail to satisfy more experienced cactus enthusiasts. It includes an extensive A–Z listing, with useful information on cultivation and propagation. …

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Orchids to Know and Grow

Orchids are easy to grow, but one doesn t grow orchids like a rose, a cactus, or an African violet; one grows an orchid like an orchid! This book debunks some of the hard-to-grow myths, gives cultural information, and does so in easy-to-understand language. --Robert J. Ferry, research associate, Marie …