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Syringa oblata - Early Lilac Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

Syringa oblata - Early Lilac

Native to Korea this lilac is hardy from zones 4-8. It grows 10-12 feet tall and prefers sun or partial shade. Has lilac-purple flowers in the spring that are very fragrant. The leaves are dark bluish green with a reddish-purple fall color. This is a very hardy lilac. It also makes an excellent bonsai! …

Acer japonicum 'Meigetsu' - Japanese Maple Plants / Bonsais

Acer japonicum 'Meigetsu' - Japanese Maple

Foliage is bright green with some texture. Fall colors are blends of gold and red. A sturdy tree which will take sun, it will grow to 20 feet or more, forming a round-topped canopy with maturity.A great landscape tree for zones 5-9. Grows up to twenty feet in height but is often pruned shorter. Also …