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Akebia quinata - Chocolate Vine Plants / Climber Plants

Chocolate Vine Akebia Quinata

Known as Mu-Tong in Chinese medicine, it has been used for laryngitis and dry coughs, urinary stones, and bladder problems. A decoction is made from the dried stem of the vine. The plant is a shrubby vine that is cold hardy to 18 degrees. Can be raised as an evergreen vine in warmer climates. Has very …

Koelreuteria paniculata - golden-rain tree Plants / Deciduous Trees

Koelreuteria paniculata - golden-rain tree

Not many trees bloom in mid or even late summer when all the spring flowering beauties have only leaves. Golden-rain tree is one of the few. In late July/early August upto 30 cm long panicles of small, bright yellow flowers appear on this medium sized tree. The flowers can remain on the tree for as long …