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Azalea japonica - japanese azalea Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

Azalea japonica - japanese azalea

Japanese azaleas enhance every flowering spring garden. They are an ideal choice for evergreen compositions; they can be easily pruned to reach a shape you like. We offer shrubby forms, cones and half standards. There are plenty of colours to choose from – shades of red, pink, purple or violet, and …

Azalea japonica 'Snow' - Japanese azalea Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

Azalea japonica 'Snow' - Japanese azalea

Japanese azaleas are very popular features of our gardens. In their home climate they grow to relatively substantial shrubs, as opposed to limited sizes in our continental, dry climate. Azaleas are very floriferous, maintenance-free shrubs that bloom from end April until end May. Snow is a pure white …