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Ricinus communis 'Zanzibarensis' - Castor Bean Plants / Other

Ricinus communis 'Zanzibarensis' - Castor Bean

THE CASTOR BEAN is a shrub-like plant with large, long-stemmed leaves that are lobed like fingers. Its spiny, clustered seed pods contain white, bean-like seeds (Botanically speaking, it isn t a true bean, but a Spurge), which typically bear attractive markings in various colours. The plant is native …

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Perennial Vegetables

From Artichokes to Zuiki Taro, A Gardener s Guide to Over 100 Delicious and Easy to Grow Edibles | There is a fantastic array of vegetables you can grow in your garden, and not all of them are annuals. In Perennial Vegetables the adventurous gardener will find information, tips, and sound advice on less …