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Begonia grandis - Hardy Begonia Plants / Perennials

Begonia grandis - Hardy Begonia

Large, heart-shaped leaves add a lush, tropical texture in moist, shady gardens. Leaves have prominent red veins underneath and are especially showy if backlit by the sun. The flower is soft rose-pink, translucent and somewhat frosted, like satin glass. Plants are hardy as far north as New York City …

Gladiolus 'Can-Can' - Gladiolia Plants / Bulbs

Can-Can Super Gladiolus

Can-Can: Light yellow with a rose edge. Prized for large bouquets, stately gladioli (yes, that s the accepted plural form, and much more graceful than the alternatives) offer an enormous color range, including the most delicate pastels, bold hues and almost unimaginable bi-colors. Their sword-like foliage …

Carex comans 'Bronze' - New Zealand Hair Sedge Plants / Grass, Grasses

Bronze Carex

Rich Honey Tones All Year! Coppery with pink tints in spring, then golden-amber till frost! Now here s a nice change of pace for your edging, containers, and border accents! Bronze Carex is just what its name promises -- an ornamental grass (easy and carefree!) that keeps its honey-toned leaves right …