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Hippeastrum 'Mambo' - Amaryllis Plants / Bulbs

Hippeastrum 'Mambo' - Amaryllis

Giant Amaryllis are easy and thrilling to grow indoors, and a great gift for a child or the home bound person. Unlike many other amaryllis bulbs on the market, our large hybrid bulbs will produce two 18-24 stems, each bearing 4 or 5 huge, long lasting flowers that are over 8 inches in diameter. Start …

Hippeastrum 'La Paz' - Amaryllis Plants / Bulbs

Hippeastrum 'La Paz' - Amaryllis

The slender, pointed upper petals are dark coral while the lower petals are greenish-white edged in dark coral. The star-shaped flower has darker midveins and a faint green throat. Cybister Amaryllis:Another new class of amaryllis, these exotic, species-type varieties are most fanciful. They are characterized …

Hippeastrum 'Lady Jane' - Amaryllis Plants / Bulbs

Hippeastrum 'Lady Jane' - Amaryllis

Amaryllis Lady Jane Apricot rose with a faint stripe of white. Holland s finest strain produces more huge flowers per bulb than any other strain. The spectacular breathtaking beauty of the brilliant colors must be seen to be believed. Blooms over 8 across. …