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Hollies for Gardeners Other / Books

Hollies for Gardeners

Richly enshrouded in legend and superstition, valued for a wide variety of uses and prized by gardeners, hollies have always been part of our lives and gardens. Now they are enjoying a peak of popularity as gardeners wake up to their huge diversity of form, foliage and fruit, marvel at their adaptability, …

Landscaping with Native Plants of the Southwest Other / Books

Landscaping with Native Plants of the Southwest

As the world heats up and we become more and more conscious of our place in the natural scheme, the appeal of the native plants of the Southwest becomes ever more compelling for gardeners. In addition to providing year-round beauty with relatively little maintenance, landscaping with native plants contributes …

The Romantic Herb Garden Other / Books

The Romantic Herb Garden

The must-have ingredient of any garden, herbs have long been the stalwarts of the cottage garden, imparting fragrance and health as well as flavor to beds and borders. However, today s garden designers have realized that herbs can also help to shape or be a key visual element in a garden. The Romantic …