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Fothergilla major - large witch alder Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

Fothergilla major - large witch alder

Synonyms: Fothergilla latifolia, Fothergilla monticola This (large) witch alder is a special plant that originates in the USA. It is popular among collectors as well as garden designers who want to incorporate a nice and interesting shrub that is almost maintenance-free into their projects for beautiful …

Saintpaulia 'EverSpecial' - African Violet Plants / Perennials

African Violet

Everfloris African Violets or Space Babies are one of the Newest and most popular series by Optimara: Continuously Blooming! The EverFloris is the first continuously blooming African Violet whch has beautiful wazy leaves and the flowers all have a stunning white-greenish edge. They re out of this world! …