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Fill[s] a significant void in the literature on ornamental plant usage.... [The book] is a valuable text and reference work for advanced students, professional plantsmen, and landscape architects and is a welcome addition to the literature. --American Society of Horticultural Science This is not only a textbook but a valuable reference work for anyone involved with landscape plants. --American Horticulturalist Here is the definitive one-stop survey of more than 1500 woody ornamental plants and 2500 …
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LARCH fills the need for a low cost, heavily illustrated, introductory, interactive course book to supplement lectures and technical reference books. It does not assume that the reader is already familiar with the material, as most technical references do, and offers a combination of scope, value, and unique interactivity. LARCH is a media-rich delivery system for all kinds of examples and illustrations of the technical aspects of landscape architecture. From Eratosthenes to Descartes to Robert Manning, …
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