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Exquisite photos of brand new haute couture, true fashion-forward cascading bridal bouquets in a large 12 x 12 format, 156 full color coffee table resource guide book. Twenty-five chapters of stunning large format photos and detailed close up images as well as selected how-to visuals showcase the bouquet styles from yesterday and today, all with a new twist. This must have selection sales tool addresses the major modeled bridal gown styles, showcasing which flowers and bouqeut styles will offset …
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There is no question that the cohomology of infinite­ dimensional Lie algebras deserves a brief and separate mono­ graph. This subject is not cover~d by any of the tradition­ al branches of mathematics and is characterized by relative­ ly elementary proofs and varied application. Moreover, the subject matter is widely scattered in various research papers or exists only in verbal form. The theory of infinite-dimensional Lie algebras differs markedly from the theory of finite-dimensional Lie algebras …
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