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Paperback. Pub Date: 2012 Jun Pages: 319 Language: Chinese in Publisher: Qingdao Publishing taste life series: Family Floral Encyclopedia plant flowers in flower arrangement a the pass traditional flowers. bulbous flowers. ornamental flowers. herbaceous flowers with you enter the fast-paced world; festive bouquets. sympathy bouquets. Valentine s bouquet. the bride s bouquet sections emotions highlight the taste; family flower arranging. Business flower arrangements. gift baskets so elegant floral …
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Excerpt from Breeze Hill News, Vol. 3: December, 1938 Page thirteenwere only 1 to 1% feet tall; they kept in good condition and were covered with bloom right up to late September. The other, also a Japanese variety, was a solid mass Of white from July 1 until frost. The blooms were held about 1 foot above the ground. Plants had good foliage, and the flowers were pure clean white. If there is a white bedding Petunia as good as this one, the writer has never seen it. We also want to say a good word …
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