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Often described as the most beautiful garden in England, Hidcote is a jewel in England s horticultural history. The garden s creator, Lawrence Johnston, was inspired by many of the Arts and Crafts design ideas at the turn of the 20th century. From 1907 this intriguing American-born plant hunter transformed 10 acres of Gloucestershire hillside into one of the world s most influential gardens, a complex mixture of hedged rooms and vistas, lavish planting, and simpler, informal areas. Today, it is one …
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A new and enlarged edition of the standard reference on an internationally revered English garden and its designer. Known internationally as the epitome of the classic English country garden, it is perhaps less well known that Hidcote’s creator was an enigmatic American. Lawrence Johnston, an expatriate and one of the so-called “Henry James Americans,” a pedigreed member of old New York, left no diaries or significant correspondence. What he did leave, however, is a garden that continues to …
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