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An operator theoretic approach to robust control analysis for linear time-varying systems, with the emphasis on the conceptual similarity with the H control theory for time-invariant systems. It clarifies the major difficulties confronted in the time varying case and all the necessary operator theory is developed from first principles, making the book as self-contained as possible. After presenting the necessary results from the theories of Toeplitz operators and nest algebras, linear systems are …
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The present lectures are based on a course deli vered by the authors at the Uni versi ty of Bucharest, in the winter semester 1985-1986. Without aiming at completeness, the topics selected cover all the major questions concerning hyponormal operators. Our main purpose is to provide the reader with a straightforward access to an active field of research which is strongly related to the spectral and perturbation theories of Hilbert space operators, singular integral equations and scattering theory. …
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