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Botanica is the universal standard work for garden enthusiasts and botanists alike. The collaboration of a team of international experts has resulted in a reference work that illustrates the rich diversity of our flora with a myriad of indigenous and exotic plants. More than 10,000 genera and species - from A for Abelia to Z for Zygopetalum - are clearly presented in a well-organized manner. Richly illustrated with color detail and large-format images, this botanical alphabet offers all kinds of …
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First published in 1939, Your Garden s Flowers Illustrated as a wonderful pictorial guide to some of the most commonly grown flowers in the British Isles. The author has aimed to show and describe many varieties of flowers in simple and clear terms, including helpful pictures and offering details relating to habitat, seasons, method of planting, and more. This accessible reference guide is ideal for those with an interest in flower identification, and it is not to be missed by collectors of vintage …
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