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Bamboo Orchid - flower
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Bamboo Orchid - Arundina graminifolia

Bamboo Orchid - Arundina graminifolia Synonyms: Bletia graminifolia, Arundina bambusifolia, Arundina speciosa Family: Orchidaceae - orchids Location: Maui Arundina graminifolia is a terrestrial, perennial orchid with reedy stems, forming into large clumps …
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Venus slipper - Paphiopedilum

Venus slipper - Paphiopedilum Synonyms: incl. Cordula, Menephora Other names: Slippers, Slipper Family: Orchidaceae - orchids Paphiopedilum, often called the Venus slipper, is a genus of the Lady slipper orchid subfamily Cypripedioideae of the flowering …