Plants: Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Tricolor' - holly osmanthus

26.09. 2016 14:33:05 (Milan Havlis)
Topic: Plants / Evergreen Shrubs

If you like the features of hollies such as toothed leaves, dense habit, and the fact that they are in leaf all year, you will love this plant: sometimes called false holly, osmanthus has rather dentate leaves than spiny, although touching it is not the best plan for Sunday afternoon.

Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Tricolor' - holly osmanthus

Goshiki® (Tricolor) is a gorgeous little shrub with coloured leaves. They are pinky-bronze when they emerge, quickly turning to bright vanilla yellow with light green marks of future marbling; turning deep green in summer with creamy-beige spots and veins. The more sun it gets, the brighter the contrast and the denser plant. It requires no pruning but if necessary, it tolerates hard pruning.

It grows slowly into a small, compact bush. Osmanthus likes medium fertile, moist but well-drained soil, neutral to slightly acidic. Rated hardy to zone 6 we suggest growing it on a position sheltered from winter sun but with much, or at least some, summer sunlight. We experienced superb hardiness down to -20°C with no visible injuries, and damaged top half of the plant plus all surface leaves after three nights of -27°C. It is hardy to USDA zone 6, which equals -23°C.

Size/type: low or groundcovering
Usual height: 0.5-1.3m
Usual width: 0.5-1.3m
Leaves: evergreen broadleaf
Colour of leaves: varigated - cream, green
Flowers: insignificant or non-blooming
Location: full to partial sun
Usda zone (lowest): 6 (down to -23°c)
Belongs to categories: evergreen broadleaf
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