Plants: Rosa nutkana - Nootka Rose, Nutka Rose

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Rosa nutkana - Nootka Rose, Nutka Rose

Synonym: Rosa nutkanaensis
Rosa nutkana also named Nootka rose or Wild rose comes from the Cinnamomeae family. It is native of Western North America. Rosa nutkana is a deciduous, woody shrub that grows up to 10ft and 4ft. wide.

It is very fast and easy to grow. Nootka rose makes an excellent wildlife shrub with its large red hips as a food source for birds and other animals, and thick branches providing cover.

The plant blooms only once a year, but what a show! Masses of large 2 single, pale pink to rose, (with a strong "wild rose" scent) flowers clothe the plant in mid summer followed by large, purplish-red rose hips that persist in the winter. It is in flower from June to July, and the seeds ripen from August to October. The plant is self-fertile and has very deep roots. The shrub shape is open in forest shade and more columnar in full sun. Hardiness zones: 4-9, (-32°C/-25°F, -5°C/25°F) in winter. The Rosa nutkana is hardy, disease pest, and maintenance free. Likes the sun, or even in the shade. Needs a well-drained, average soil and is adaptable to both dry and moist soils.

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