Plants: Protea magnifica 'Atlantic Queen' - Bearded Protea

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Protea magnifica 'Atlantic Queen' - Bearded Protea

Protea magnifica "Giant Wooly Protea" - Exquisite flower - 8" across with colors range soft pink, deep rose, strong red - the apex tinged black with small downy white flowers. The Giant Wooly Beard Queen Protea is a cut flower wonder. The flowers last for a very long time and look great in dried flower arrangements as well. Protea magnifica will become a large shrub, growing to 8-10 feet tall and wide.

Genus of 115 species. The genus is named after the Greek god Proteus, who was able to change his shape at will, an indication of the diversity and variety to be found in the Protea family. It bears red-pink, open flower heads about 5" across for most of the year, but they are at their showiest in spring.

The common names for different proteas promise extravagance, and proteas deliver. Their "flowers" (actually a head or cluster of long, narrow, tubular flowers, often surrounded by colorful petal-like leaves or bracts) come in unbelievable sizes, shapes, textures, and color ranges.

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