Plants: Teucrium chamaedrys - Wall Germander

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Topic: Plants / Perennials

Teucrium chamaedrys - Wall Germander

Germanders offer a small, tight, shrub-like presence in the garden, with tiny, shiny, fragrant, evergreen leaves. Wall Germander has thrived for us as a wide, low (6") edging above a rock wall, looking beautiful every day of the year and drawing many questions during our guided garden walks. Delicate spires of pale pink flowers top the plant in early summer; a shearing after bloom keeps foliage dense and beautiful. Germanders love to grow in full sun, require good drainage, and are quite tolerant of regular light pruning for hedging and edging in knot gardens.

Bloom color: Pink
Bloom period: Summer; Height: 6-12"
Zones: 4-9

Publisher: Hirt's Gardens
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