Plants: Liquidambar orientalis - Oriental sweet gum

24.10. 2017 12:36:31 (Milan Havlis)
Topic: Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

Oriental sweet gum is a beautiful, slow growing shrub or a small tree from SW Asia. It bears attractive, deeply cut leaves that are fresh green from spring until late summer, and turning rich yellow in neutral soil or orange and red in highly acidic soil in autumn. Each lobe is decorated with a pair of small antlers along the sides. Bark is smooth and on young twigs glossy and burgundy red.

Liquidambar orientalis - Oriental sweet gum

Oriental sweet gum forms an elegant, densely branched shrub of a somewhat pyramidal when young, becoming more rounded with age. Pruning is not needed, though, it can be trimmed and shaped in late winter. It likes any reasonably fertile, well drained but evenly moist soil. In acid soil it will make better autumn colours after a good summer with plenty of sunshine. Autumn colouring may be damaged by arrival of precocious frosts. Hardy to about -25°C (USDA zone 5b-6).

Size/type: taller shrub
Usual height: 2-4m
Usual width: 1.5-2.5m
Leaves: deciduous broadleaf
Colour of leaves: green
Flowers: insignificant or non-blooming
Location: full sun
Usda zone (lowest): 5b (down to -27°c)
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