Articles: Prunus domestica

Prunus domestica 'Reine Claude Dorée' - plum tree08.03.2008
Prunus domestica 'Reine Claude Dorée' - plum tree
Reine Claude Dorée is a French variety of sweet plum with large, round fruit of green to greeny-yellow fruit of delicious, sweet and juicy taste. It ripens at the end of August. ...
Prunus domestica 'Stanley' - plum tree05.03.2008
Prunus domestica 'Stanley' - plum tree
Stanley is one of the most tasteful and reliable varieties of plums. The fruit is sweet and juicy, though firm. Flesh is orange-yellow, skin is smooth, deep violet-blue. The fruit is excellent fresh as well as canned, high sugar content makes them ideal for drying. ...