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Iris 'Napoleone' - bearded iris29.05.2016
Iris 'Napoleone' - bearded iris
Napoleone is an outstanding bearded iris variety with extraordinary large flowers. They are velvet-like, deep purple red, with golden brown shades towards the throat. The beard is yellow at the top and burgundy red at the bottom. Sword-like leaves are deciduous, pale green. Flowering stalks are sturdy, ...
Iris 'Black Gamecock' - Louisiana Iris18.11.2007
Iris 'Black Gamecock' - Louisiana Iris
Native to Louisiana and southeastern US wetlands. A perfect companion to your tall bearded Iris and will extend the bloom season well into June. Intense black-purple 4 blooms are accented with a band of golden yellow on the foliage. The velvety texture and vibrant color of these iris will surely add ...
Iris versicolor 'Kermesina' - American Water Iris13.10.2007
Iris versicolor 'Kermesina' - American Water Iris
Suitable for small pools, growing up to 2 ft. and happy in up to 4 in of water. A beautiful iris, having vivid magenta coloured flowers, marked with white. The foliage is also an added benefit as it provides a vertical interest over a long period and is suited to both formal and informal settings. They ...
Iris 'Joyce Terry' - Tall Bearded Iris11.10.2007
Iris 'Joyce Terry' - Tall Bearded Iris
Bicolor with yellow standards and beards, white falls edged in yellow. Also known as Bearded Iris these Iris are outstanding for their unusual color, design and sturdy, vigorous growth habit. They are hardy, disease and drought-resistant plants. Long blooming in late spring and early summer, with handsome ...
Iris ensata - Japanese Water Iris02.10.2007
Iris ensata - Japanese Water Iris
Japanese iris (Iris ensata or kaempferi) have the largest flowers of all irises, some being about 30cm across. They have been bred for over 200 years in Japan and also during the last century in the USA. So today, there is a range of flower shapes and patterns, as well as a range of colours. The foliage ...
Iris 'Immortality' - Tall Bearded Iris24.09.2007
Iris 'Immortality' - Tall Bearded Iris
Reblooming German Iris Immortality - Well-named in that IMMORTALITY S reblooming ability is consistent throughout the country. Vigorous in growth habit sending up multiple stalks of soft white flowers in spring and again summer through fall. ...