cz Marie Fárová | (Taxus baccata) Tis červený 'Adpressa'
(Taxus baccata) Tis červený 'Adpressa'
cz Marie Fárová | (Taxus baccata) Tis červený 'Adpressa' - habitus
(Taxus baccata) Tis červený 'Adpressa' - habitus

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Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata Aurea' - Irish yew23.09.2016
Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata Aurea' - Irish yew
Irish yew is a popular evergreen conifer. They are very practical due to many varieties available offering various shapes and sizes. Another advantage is that they grow well in both full sun and in deep shade. ...
Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata' - Columnar Irish Yew30.11.2007
Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata'
Taxus baccata Fastigiata is an extremely useful evergreen conifer for sun or shade. Most commonly used for hedging purposes, it has a naturally upright broadly columnar form and takes shearing well. Its dense form and dark green color makes a matte-green dramatic backdrop for a perennial or mixed shrub ...