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Wisteria sinensis 'Alba' - Chinese wisteria12.06.2016
Wisteria sinensis 'Alba' - Chinese wisteria
Chinese wisteria is no doubt the queen of flowering climbers. Alba variety bears clusters of very fragrant, pure white flowers that are 25-35 cm long and appear on bare wood earlier than on other wisterias, usually in April. Rather exotic looking pinnate leaves are mid green and densely cover the plant ...
Wisteria sinensis - Chinese Wisteria31.05.2007
Blue Chinese Wisteria Plants
The Chinese wisteria is a shade-tolerant vine, but it blooms best when grown in the sun. It prefers a deep, rich loam, has a moderate growth rate and is very easy to grow. The vine is easily pruned to keep it contained. The violet blue flowers, borne in drooping 8-12 racemes, are produced in late spring ...