Orchidej Vanda (Vanda)

Orchidej Vanda (Vanda)

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cz Marvella | (Vanda) Orchidej Vanda
(Vanda) Orchidej Vanda

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Orchid Biology Reviews and Perspectives, ix Memoirs of The New York Botanical Garden, Volume 95 (Kenneth M. Cameron)

Orchid Biology: Reviews and Perspectives, IX, presents a broad range of scientific subjects that represents the most current knowledge in orchidology. This volume includes chapters that discuss (1) Calaway Dodson, whose research on the orchids of Ecuador continues to inspire generations of botanists; (2) orchids pollinated by Lepidoptera; (3) a comprehensive survey of terrestrial orchid morphology; (4) the original writings (translated into English) on orchid seed germination by Noël Bernard; (5) …

The Enchanted Orchid (Max Allen Fulcher)

Like oysters, crusty French bread, and salt-rimmed margaritas, orchids are an acquired taste. Fascinating, humorous anecdotes and intriguing travel stories about orchids complement stunning photographs to make this book a must-have for every orchid lover. Discover the rare blue Vanda, the gorgeous Phalaenopsis Moon Orchid and the delicate, airborne Dendrobium as well as many more expensive and exotic varieties along Max Fulcher s orchid trail. Deftly woven into the storylines are numerous essential …