Tropical and Subtropical Plants

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Bamboo Orchid - flower0 | 03162 x Bamboo Orchid - Arundina graminifolia by Forest & Kim Starr
Bamboo Orchid - Arundina graminifolia Synonyms: Bletia graminifolia, Arundina bambusifolia, Arundina speciosa Family: Orchidaceae - orchids Location: Maui Arundina graminifolia is a terrestrial, perennial orchid with reedy stems, forming into large clumps …
03.05. 2019 17:01:57 by Forest & Kim Starr
Pedalai - leaves0 | 01379 x Pedalai - Artocarpus sericicarpus by Forest & Kim Starr
Pedalai - Artocarpus sericicarpus Other names: gomihan, gumihan Family: Moraceae Location: Maui The tree originates from northern Borneo (Sarawak), Malaysia (Sabah),[3] the Philippines and Indonesia (Maluku Islands, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and is most commonly …
03.05. 2019 16:46:01 by Forest & Kim Starr
Gui mu - leaves0 | 01438 x Gui mu - Artocarpus nitidus subsp. lingnanensis by Forest & Kim Starr
Gui mu - Artocarpus nitidus subsp. lingnanensis Family: Moraceae Location: Maui …
03.05. 2019 16:39:10 by Forest & Kim Starr
Kwai Muk - leaves0 | 01280 x Kwai Muk - Artocarpus hypargyraeus by Forest & Kim Starr
Kwai Muk - Artocarpus hypargyraeus Synonyms: Artocarpus lingnanensis; Artocarpus hypargyraeus Family: Moraceae Location: Maui …
03.05. 2019 16:32:10 by Forest & Kim Starr
Aloe Yucca - habit0 | 04319 x Aloe Yucca - Yucca aloifolia by Forest & Kim Starr
Aloe Yucca - Yucca aloifolia Family: Asparagaceae Yucca aloifolia is the type species for the genus Yucca. Common names include aloe yucca, dagger plant, and Spanish bayonet. It grows in sandy soils, especially on sand dunes along the coast. Yucca aloifolia …
02.04. 2017 19:30:30 by Forest & Kim Starr
Sugar Cane0 | 04131 x Sugar Cane - Saccharum officinarum by Forest & Kim Starr
Sugar Cane - Saccharum officinarum Other names: Sugarcane Family: Poaceae Sugarcane, or sugar cane, are several species of tall perennial true grasses of the genus Saccharum, tribe Andropogoneae, native to the warm temperate to tropical regions of South …
09.02. 2017 19:34:16 by Forest & Kim Starr
Cassava - variegata0 | 03997 x Cassava - Manihot esculenta by Forest & Kim Starr
Cassava - Manihot esculenta Synonyms: Janipha manihot, Jatropha manihot, Manihot aipi, Manihot dulcis, Manihot esculentus, Manihot manihot, Manihot melanobasis Family: Euphorbiaceae Manihot esculenta (commonly called cassava, yuca, manioc, mandioca and …
09.02. 2017 19:24:55 by Forest & Kim Starr
Cajanus cajan0 | 03226 x Pigeon pea - Cajanus cajan by garden-en
The pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) is a perennial legume from the family Fabaceae. Since its domestication in India at least 3,500 years ago, its seeds have become a common food grain in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It is consumed on a large scale mainly …
03.02. 2017 21:28:59 by garden-en
Medinilla speciosa0 | 03563 x Showy Asian Grapes - Medinilla speciosa by garden-en
Showy Asian Grapes - Medinilla speciosa Medinilla speciosa, common name Showy Asian Grapes, is a perennial epiphytic plant in the genus Medinilla, belomging to the Melastomataceae family. Medinilla speciosa reaches on average a height of 45–60 centimetres …
16.12. 2016 18:57:14 by garden-en
Paphiopedilum0 | 02992 x Venus slipper - Paphiopedilum by garden-en
Venus slipper - Paphiopedilum Synonyms: incl. Cordula, Menephora Other names: Slippers, Slipper Family: Orchidaceae - orchids Paphiopedilum, often called the Venus slipper, is a genus of the Lady slipper orchid subfamily Cypripedioideae of the flowering …
04.12. 2016 08:33:17 by garden-en
Protea eximia0 | 02931 x Protea eximia - Protea eximia by garden-en
Protea - Protea eximia Synonyms: Protea latifolia Protea eximia, the broad-leaved sugarbush is a shrub that may become a small tree, which occurs in mountain fynbos on mainly acidic sandy soils; the species was very well known under its old name of Protea …
12.10. 2016 15:37:04 by garden-en
Ananas comosus0 | 02627 x Pina - Ananas comosus by garden-en
Pina - Ananas comosus variegatus Synonyma: Ananas ananas, Ananas argentata, Ananas aurata, Ananas bracteatus, Ananas bracteatus var. hondurensis, Ananas bracteatus var. paraguayensis, Ananas coccineus, Ananas comosus f. sativus, Ananas comosus var. variegatus, …
07.10. 2016 22:41:33 by garden-en
Ananas ananassoides0 | 03408 x Ananas - Ananas ananassoides by garden-en
Ananas - Ananas ananassoides Synonyms: Acanthostachys ananassoides, Ananas ananassoides, Ananas comosus var. ananassoides, Ananas comosus var. microstachys, Ananas guaraniticus, Ananas microstachys, Ananas microstachys var. nanus, Ananas nanus, Ananas …
07.10. 2016 19:54:10 by garden-en
Balloon plant - seeds and pappus0 | 04141 x Balloon plant - Asclepias physocarpa by Forest & Kim Starr
Balloon plant - Asclepias physocarpa Family: Apocynaceae Other names: Balloon Cotton Bush, Balloonplant, Cotton Bush, Narrow-leaved Cotton Bush Gomphocarpus physocarpus, commonly known as balloonplant, balloon cotton-bush, bishop s balls, nailhead, or …
04.10. 2016 21:32:48 by Forest & Kim Starr
Bloodflower - flowers and leaves0 | 03180 x Bloodflower - Asclepias curassavica by Forest & Kim Starr
Bloodflower - Asclepias curassavica Other names: Bastard Ipecacuana, Bloodflower Milkweed, Cotton Bush, False Ipecac, Madagascar Cotton Bush, Milkweed, Milky Cotton Bush, Red Cotton, Red Head, Red Head Cotton Bush, Red-headed Cottonbush, Scarlet Milkweed, …
24.09. 2016 17:42:44 by Forest & Kim Starr
Calico flower - seed pods0 | 03168 x Calico flower - Aristolochia littoralis by Forest & Kim Starr
Calico flower - Aristolochia littoralis Family: Aristolochiaceae Aristolochia littoralis (calico flower, elegant Dutchman s pipe) is a species of evergreen deciduous vine belonging to the Aristolochiaceae family. Aristolochia littoralis is a climbing …
13.09. 2016 22:25:20 by Forest & Kim Starr
Haleakala silversword - flowers0 | 03050 x Haleakala silversword - Argyroxiphium sandwicense subsp. macrocephalum by Forest & Kim Starr
Haleakala silversword - Argyroxiphium sandwicense subsp. macrocephalum Family: Asteraceae …
08.09. 2016 20:18:46 by Forest & Kim Starr
Mexican poppy - leaves1 | 03659 x Mexican poppy - Argemone mexicana by Forest & Kim Starr
Mexican poppy - Argemone mexicana Synonyms: Argemone leiocarpa, Other names: Mexican Prickly Poppy, Mexican Prickly-poppy, Mexican Pricklypoppy Family: Papaveraceae …
31.08. 2016 22:14:54 by Forest & Kim Starr
Marlberry - habit0 | 02775 x Marlberry - Ardisia escallonioides by Forest & Kim Starr
Marlberry - Ardisia escallonioides Other names: Marlberry, dogberry Synonyms: Ardisia pickeringia, Bladhia paniculata, Cyrilla paniculata, Icacorea paniculata, Pickeringia paniculata, Tinus escallonioides, Tinus pickeringia Family: Primulaceae Ardisia …
29.08. 2016 20:04:41 by Forest & Kim Starr
Shoebutton - leaves and fruits2 | 04420 x Shoebutton - Ardisia elliptica by Forest & Kim Starr
Shoebutton - Ardisia elliptica In Malaysia, a decoction of leaves is said to assuage retrosternal pains, and a paste made from the leaves is used to treat herpes and measles. In Thai traditional medicine, the fruits are used to cure diarrhoea with fever. …
29.08. 2016 19:52:45 by Forest & Kim Starr
Archontophoenix0 | 03177 x Archontophoenix - Archontophoenix by Forest & Kim Starr
Archontophoenix - Archontophoenix sp. Family: Arecaceae …
24.08. 2016 21:22:18 by Forest & Kim Starr
Crabs Eye0 | 03920 x Crab s Eye - Abrus precatorius by Forest & Kim Starr
Crab s Eye - Abrus precatorius Abrus precatorius, known commonly as jequirity, Crab s eye, or crab s eye creeper, cock s eyes, rosary pea, paternoster pea, love pea, precatory pea or bean, prayer bead, John Crow Bead, coral bead, red-bead vine, country …
19.05. 2016 11:19:56 by Forest & Kim Starr
Karo0 | 05783 x Karo - Pittosporum crassifolium by Forest & Kim Starr
Karo - Pittosporum crassifolium Family: Pittosporaceae Other names: Stiffleaf Cheesewood Variegatum at Kula Experiment Station, Maui. May 28, 1998 …
16.03. 2015 10:16:14 by Forest & Kim Starr
Chironia gratissima0 | 25611 x Cosmic insanity by subtropicalnursery
There are two magical places, paradises of flora in the province of Manica, Mozambique. Not living more than one hundred and fifty years is able to forget these places, absolutely magic, that are the mountains of Serra Choa and Tsetserra, this last one …
12.09. 2011 16:41:46 by subtropicalnursery
Spathodea campanulata0 | 19995 x Bignoneaceae seedlings promotion by subtropicalnursery
Dear Friend I hereby introduce you to the family of flora with the most beautiful flowers on the planet earth. The family of Bignoniaceae! With moderate resistance to low temperatures and ideal for moderate temperature climates, the five species that …
27.08. 2011 10:29:54 by subtropicalnursery
Aloe swynnertonnii0 | 22173 x The Aloe beauty by subtropicalnursery
Dear Friend Allow me to present one of the most important flora genera on the planet Earth. The genus Aloe! With more than 400 species already classified, essentially concentrated on the island of Madagascar and southern Africa, these plants are related …
27.08. 2011 10:19:45 by subtropicalnursery

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