Deciduous Shrubs

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Prunus padus0 | 02863 x Bird Cherry - Prunus padus by garden-en
Bird Cherry - Prunus padus Family: Rosaceae Synonyms: Padus avium, Padus racemosa, Prunus padum Prunus padus Prunus padus Prunus padus Prunus padus Prunus padus Prunus padus Prunus padus Prunus padus Prunus padus Prunus padus Prunus padus Prunus padus …
24.04. 2018 20:27:48 by garden-en
Forsythia x intermedia0 | 04303 x Border Forsythia - Forsythia x intermedia by garden-en
Border Forsythia - Forsythia x intermedia Forsythia x intermedia is an ornamental deciduous shrub of garden origin. The shrub has an upright habit with arching branches and grows to 3 to 4 metres high. The opposite leaves turn yellowish or occasionally …
11.04. 2017 22:24:38 by garden-en
Daphne mezereum0 | 03262 x Mezereon - Daphne mezereum by garden-en
Mezereon - Daphne mezereum Family: Thymelaeaceae Other names: February Daphne, Paradise Plant, Spurge Olive Daphne mezereum, commonly known as February daphne, mezereon, mezereum, spurge laurel or spurge olive, is a species of Daphne in the flowering …
06.12. 2016 20:11:00 by garden-en
Lonicera periclymenum0 | 02766 x European Honeysuckle - Lonicera periclymenum by garden-en
European Honeysuckle - Lonicera periclymenum Family: Caprifoliaceae Lonicera periclymenum, common names honeysuckle, common honeysuckle, European honeysuckle or woodbine, is a species of flowering plant in the family Caprifoliaceae native to much of Europe. …
06.12. 2016 19:55:38 by garden-en
Sambucus racemosa0 | 02631 x Red-berried Elder - Sambucus racemosa by garden-en
Red-berried Elder - Sambucus racemosa Synonyms: Sambucus racemosa var. laciniata Other names: European Red Elder, Red Elderberry Sambucus racemosa is a species of elderberry known by the common names red elderberry and Red-berried Elder. Sambucus racemosa …
06.12. 2016 19:49:48 by garden-en
Hibiscus syriacus0 | 03082 x Rose of Sharon - Hibiscus syriacus by garten
Hibiscus syriacus is a species of flowering plant in the family Malvaceae, native to much of Asia (though not, as Linnaeus thought, Syria, in spite of the name he gave it). Common names include rose of Sharon (especially in North America), Syrian ketmia …
24.09. 2016 16:31:01 by garten
Cornus mas0 | 02822 x Cornelian-cherry - Cornus mas by garten
Cornelian-cherry - Cornus mas Other names: Cornelian Cherry Family: Cornaceae Cornus mas (Cornelian cherry, European cornel or Cornelian cherry dogwood) is a species of flowering plant in the dogwood family Cornaceae, native to southern Europe (from France …
24.09. 2016 08:14:07 by garten
Glossy abelia0 | 06423 x Glossy abelia - Abelia grandiflora by Forest & Kim Starr
Glossy abelia - Abelia grandiflora Family: Linnaeaceae Silver abelia flowering habit at Kula Ace Hardware and Nursery, Maui. September 06, 2007 …
16.03. 2015 10:28:23 by Forest & Kim Starr

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