Sedum burrito - Burrito Burros Sedum burrito - Burrito Burros
The Burrito Burro s Tail is a trailing succulent plant, native to Mexico. The plant creates long drooping tendrils several feet long. It has fat blue-green leaves growing on stems. This succulent will give you wonderful pink blooms in the spring. Burrito Burro s Tail makes an excellent … | 06.07. 2007
Sedum lineare 'Variegatum' - Carpet Sedum Sedum lineare 'Variegatum' - Carpet Sedum
The Creme & Green Carpet Sedum, Sedum lineare variegatum, is an extremely hardy succulent type plant. It can be grown outside year round in zones 9 & 10. In cooler regions it makes an excellent house plant in a full sun to partial sun window. It grows about 6 tall and cascades … | 09.07. 2007
Sedum spectabile 'Brilliant' - Showy Stonecrop Sedum spectabile 'Brilliant' - Showy Stonecrop
Prefers sun to partial shade with well-drained soil. For rock gardens and taller varieties in borders. Brilliant Rose flowers with grayish-green leaves. AGM WINNER … | 06.07. 2007
Sedum spectabile 'Neon' - ice plant Sedum spectabile 'Neon' - ice plant
Sedum is a plant which we, when we were kids, called cabbage. Its leaves looks just like the vegetable that hardly any child likes to eat without moaning. However, when it came to flower in late summer it showed such beauty that we willingly forgot about cabbage and ripped off flowering …
Sedum spurium 'Dragon's Blood' Sedum spurium 'Dragon's Blood' - Two-row Stonecrop
One of the easiest ground covers to grow. Easy to maintain and needs little water. Does great in poor soil. Bronze-green foliage produces intense red flowers. Bloom June through August. Plant in full sun, 12 inches apart. Grows only 3 to 6 inches tall. Hardy in zones 3-9 … | 20.06. 2007
Sedum: Cultivated Stonecrops Sedum
Cultivated Stonecrops | Sedums are sun-loving, drought-resistant, and mostly hardy. They are prized by rock gardeners and succulent enthusiasts for their color and interesting shapes. This definitive study by one of the world s authorities provides cultural information for more than … | 10.04. 2007