Protea aristata - Ladismith Sugarbush Protea aristata - Ladismith Sugarbush
Protea aristata Ladismith Protea - Flower head 4 -5 across red with pink center and small hairy flowers. Branches are covered with thin needle-like leaves. The Protea Aristata, a very rare protea specie, was redis-covered in the 1950s, after it was believed for quite some time that … | 18.10. 2007
Protea magnifica 'Atlantic Queen' - Bearded Protea Protea magnifica 'Atlantic Queen' - Bearded Protea
Protea magnifica Giant Wooly Protea - Exquisite flower - 8 across with colors range soft pink, deep rose, strong red - the apex tinged black with small downy white flowers. The Giant Wooly Beard Queen Protea is a cut flower wonder. The flowers last for a very long time and look great … | 09.08. 2007
Professional Planting Design Professional Planting Design
Richly illustrated with photographs and drawings, Professional Planting Design covers the basics as well as the advanced concepts of planting design including: selecting plant characteristics, types of mixed bed plantings, structuring and composing mixed beds, creating mixed palettes … | 31.03. 2007
Professional Practice for Landscape Architects, Second Edition Professional Practice for Landscape Architects
This book, organised in an extremely-user friendly manner, equips the landscape architect with all of the required knowledge in business and law. It is of great value to Landscape architects throughout their academic and professional life … | 11.08. 2007
Proper Pruning Techniques
Pruning is a vital part of plant and tree care. This task can be confusing so we developed the following guide to help you prune properly. Three basic tools suffice for most pruning jobs: shears, loppers, and a pruning saw. Keep them sharp for clean cuts; disinfect after pruning diseased … | 28.04. 2007
Protea Protea
Protea: A Guide to Cultivated Species and Varieties The proteas (Proteaceae) are a large and ancient plant family of Gondwana origins with an impressive diversity of flower and form, and an intriguing distribution pattern throughout mainly the Southern Hemisphere. In his spectacular … | 12.10. 2016
Protea Book: A Guide to Cultivated Proteaceae Protea Book
A Guide to Cultivated Proteaceae | This spectacular guidebook details most of the cultivated members of this intriguing family, from Banksia to Grevillea to Mimetes, not just the single genus Protea. The author s expertise and lifelong passion for proteas is clear in both the text … | 14.04. 2007