Primula 'Elizabeth Killelay' - Double Flowered Primrose Primula 'Elizabeth Killelay' - Double Flowered Primrose
Primrose prefer cool temperatues, a rich humus soil and partial shade. Can tolerate full sun in early spring but would need part shade as the temperatures warm. Easily transplanted, even when in bloom. Ideal for pots as well as in the garden border … | 11.07. 2007
Pritchardia pacifica - Fiji Fan Palm Pritchardia pacifica - Fiji Fan Palm
A striking fan palm to 30 with straight smooth trunk with some fiber patterning at the x. Its numerous palmate leaves are 4 wide, 5 long and undivided with many pleats. Fast grower. Fragrant brownish flowers. Tropical. One of the most attractive Pritchardias, grown widely in tropical … | 27.07. 2007
Primula Primula
This classic text has been updated and revised by the leading primulas expert. In terms of both the number of varieties grown and its popularity, Primula is one of the greatest garden genera. It is also among the largest and most widespread with approximately 430 species … | 08.04. 2007
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Private Gardens of Georgia Private Gardens of Georgia
The Private Gardens of Georgia is a tour of thirty of the most beautiful gardens across Georgia, and shows how each has evolved into a place of charm and tranquility … | 12.02. 2008