Blue Spark Cascadia Petunia Petunia grandiflora 'Blue Spark Cascadia' - Blue Spark Cascadia Petunia
Showy lavender-blue and white bicolor blossoms are an eye-catching accent wherever they re displayed. A petunia unlike any you ve ever seen before! Extremely long blooming - early spring to first frost - with avalanches of smaller flowers and lush, heart-shaped leaves which cascade … | 16.05. 2007
Petunia - 'Merlin Blue Morn' - Petunia Petunia - 'Merlin Blue Morn' - Petunia
Petunia Merlin Blue Morn - A distinctly different blue and white petunia, the 2½-inch blooms are pure white in the center with a soft transition to velvety blue on the petal edge. The bicolor pattern is highly visible from a distance. Best garden performance will occur in full sun … | 04.12. 2007