Penstemon barbatus 'Pinacolada™ violet' - beard-tongue Penstemon barbatus 'Pinacolada™ violet' - beard-tongue
PIÑACOLADA™ is a fantastic, low and compact growing series of perennial beard-tongue. Violet is a variety with indigo blue and dark violet flowers. The common name refers to the small, tubular-shaped flowers which open from June until August and may resemble a beard’s tongue …
Penstemon digitalis 'Husker's Red' - Foxglove Penstemon Penstemon digitalis 'Husker's Red' - Foxglove Penstemon
Commonly called Beardtongue, Penstemon is a large native genus found over large areas of the US and Canada, especially in drier locations. It contains a wealth of flower colors and sizes, plant heights, and growth habits. Husker Red is a white-flowered, red-foliaged form of P. digitalis … | 20.09. 2007