Musa basjoo 'Sakhaline' - Japanese banana Musa basjoo 'Sakhaline' - Japanese banana
Another striking feature of exotic-like gardens in our climate (zone 6) are leaves of banana trees. This selection “Sakhaline” is fully hardy and was named by the largest Russian island in the North Pacific, where its origin is. Though this island is in the same climatic zone …
Musa 'Little Prince' - Banana Musa 'Little Prince' - Banana
Due to the compactness of Musa Little Prince, it is ideally suited as both a houseplant and can also be used as a tropical accent in the garden and in a summer container. Little Prince is an extremely dwarf banana, selected for its compact size and thick foliage … | 21.01. 2008
Muscari comosum - Grape Hyacinths Muscari comosum - Grape Hyacinths
Clusters of chubby little deep cobalt blue bells grow on sturdy stems. Hardy and carefree, these fragrant charmers easily spread into thick masses. Plant them anywhere--in sun or shade--for a striking effect reminiscent of Holland s best growing fields. Blooms: Mid Spring Ideal for … | 03.09. 2007
Muscari macrocarpum 'Golden Fragrance' - Golden Grape Hyacinth Muscari macrocarpum 'Golden Fragrance' - Golden Grape Hyacinth
Golden Grape Hyacinth (Muscari Golden Fragrance) Unusual sulphur-yellow flowers that have taken years and years to develop. Only a limited supply is available and they have a wonderful citrus fragrance. This is a must have plant for the gardener looking for that rare and unusual plant … | 09.08. 2007
Musella lasiocarpa - Chinese Yellow Banana Musella lasiocarpa - Chinese Yellow Banana
Musella lasiocarpa is an exciting banana relative that comes from high altitudes (to frosty 2800m / 9200ft!) in the Yunnan province in China. The maximum height of the plant is only about 1.5m / 5ft, half of which is a very stout, conical trunk, topped by a crown of handsome, slightly … | 08.07. 2007