Fritillaria meleagris - Guinea-Hen Flower Fritillaria meleagris - Guinea-Hen Flower
Very easy to grow and very easy to get to bloom. Fantastic markings on each petal gives the plant its common name, Guinea Hen Flower. It is also known as the Checkered Lily, Rattlesnake Lily, and Snakes Head Lily. The proper name for this plant of many names is Fritillaria meleagris … | 05.09. 2007
Fritillaria michailovskyi - Fritillary Fritillaria michailovskyi - Fritillary
Michaels Flower - Fritillaria michailovskyi | This species with its stunning color combination comes from Northeastern Turkey. Plant in well-drained, alkaline, deep, sandy loam amended with organic matter in full sun to light shade. For best effect, plant in clusters of 7 or 9 plants … | 28.11. 2007