Yellow Foxglove Perennial 4 Plants - Digitalis Digitalis grandiflora - Yellow Foxglove
Proper name: Digitalis Amigua (Carillon Temple Bells or Yellow Foxglove); Extra dwarf plants with spikes of yellow tubular flowers marked with brown. Blooms in June and July. Use for borders, beds, and cut flowers. A very hardy perennial … | 19.05. 2007
Strawberry Foxglove - Digitalis mertonensis Digitalis x mertonensis - Strawberry Foxglove
The Strawberry Foxglove--A True Perennial! Evergreen foliage! Year-round beauty! This unusual and brilliantly-colored perennial Foxglove is a delight in the garden in any season, for its bright green foliage remains evergreen! In late spring and early summer, abundant buds open to … | 19.05. 2007