Cyperus alternifolia - Umbrella Plants Cyperus alternifolia - Umbrella Plants
Umbrella plant is a close cousin of the papyrus plant of ancient Egypt, which it resembles. Like papyrus, it also forms clumps in wet and boggy areas, although it will thrive in drier situations as well. Also like papyrus, all the leaves are arranged atop triangular stems. But while … | 08.06. 2007
Cyperus percamenthus - Dwarf Giant Papyrus Cyperus percamenthus - Dwarf Giant Papyrus
Long on beauty and history, papyrus has been known and used by Man for millennia. Soft green clouds of papyrus lined the Nile River during the time of the pharaohs. The infant Moses was found among the bulrushes. Ancient Egyptians kept records of their pyramid building activities … | 02.08. 2007