Cordless Lawncare Center CCC3000 Black & Decker 18-Volt Cordless Lawncare Center CCC3000
The Black & Decker 18-Volt cordless lawn care center includes the NST2018 Grasshog 12-inch, 18-volt string trimmer/edger, the NHT518 Hedgehog 18-volt hedge trimmer, and the NS118 18-volt Cordless Broom hard-surface sweeper. The set comes with a mountable storage station that easily … | 25.03. 2007
Cordless Rear Bag Mower CMM1000 Black & Decker 19-Inch 5 HP Cordless Rear Bag Mower CMM1000
While mowing the lawn may never be considered a recreational activity, this rear bag mower from Black & Decker makes the chore as close to fun as it will ever get. With its 24-volt battery, which delivers 5-horsepower gas equivalent at peak torque, this cordless electric mower … | 25.03. 2007
Black & Decker Complete Guide to Patios: Plan, Build and Maintain (Black & Decker Complete Guide) Black & Decker Complete Guide to Patios
Plan, Build and Maintain | Outdoor living made elegant Patios have been featured in landscapes for thousands of years, but never have they been more popular than now, as homeowners discover the elegance, long life, and easy maintenance of stone and decorative concrete surfaces. Today … | 02.10. 2007