Begonia grandis - Hardy Begonia Begonia grandis - Hardy Begonia
Large, heart-shaped leaves add a lush, tropical texture in moist, shady gardens. Leaves have prominent red veins underneath and are especially showy if backlit by the sun. The flower is soft rose-pink, translucent and somewhat frosted, like satin glass. Plants are hardy as far north … | 07.09. 2007
Begonias Begonias
Mike Stevens presents a complete and readable guide to one of the most popular flowering plant choices: begonias. The Begoniaceae has as many as 1,000 known and identified species plus countless hundreds of hybrids … | 28.03. 2007
Begonias: Cultivation, Identification, and Natural History Begonias
Cultivation, Identification, and Natural History | Begonias have enormous horticultural appeal, are widely cultivated in the home, and increasing in variety, including hardy species for the garden and semi-hardy species for containers. It is no wonder these intriguing plants have … | 07.04. 2007