Bambusa arundinacea - Thorny Bamboo Bambusa arundinacea - Thorny Bamboo
From South China, this tall 100 bamboo is a large, lush ornamental but also is used in the tropics as a timber source and for paper pulp. The young stem sprouts are edible. Must be kept quite warm. Lives up to its name by creating an impenetrable wall of long hooked thorny branches … | 06.08. 2007
Bambusa graminea (Pleioblastus gramineus) - bamboo Bambusa graminea - bamboo
Synonym: Pleioblastus gramineus; Long, shiny green willowy leaves on slender branches. Suitable for sunny and shaded areas. Leaves are 20 cm long, 2 cm wide. Excellent for hedges or mixed arrangements. In CR it is considered hardy down to -20°C, however, each site has its own micro …