American Rose Society Encyclopedia of Roses American Rose Society Encyclopedia of Roses
Featuring a fascinating history of the rose, origins of individual names, and a showcase of the world s best-loved roses, the ARS Encyclopedia of Roses is a complete guide to the care and cultivation of more than 2,000 roses … | 29.03. 2007
An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms
Cowritten by the author of the award-winning The Tropical Look, An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms offers a definitive account of palms that may be grown in the garden and landscape. Because palms are often underutilized as a result of their unfamiliarity - even to tropical gardeners … | 30.03. 2007
An Encyclopedia of Shade Perennials An Encyclopedia of Shade Perennials
Finding an array of unique and diverse plants for shade might seem like a daunting task, with limited options available to the gardener. Shade perennial expert W. George Schmid dispels this perception in his new encyclopedia. This companionable reference provides information on more … | 29.03. 2007
An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Clematis An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Clematis
With more than 800 Clematis species and cultivated varieties from which to choose, gardeners and growers have been inundated with options. Even more frustrating for some has been the absence of a single comprehensive reference with which to identify the numerous cultivars … | 11.09. 2006
An Illustrated Guide to Maples (Illustrated Guides) An Illustrated Guide to Maples
Maples are an asset to any garden for their year-round ornamental qualities — but which to choose? With an unprecedented depth of photographic detail, Antoine le Hardÿ de Beaulieu has compiled the definitive guide to the beauty of maples. Supplementing the concise and practical … | 09.04. 2007
Ancient Herbs Ancient Herbs
The forty plants in this book present both herbs and other plants that were important for culinary, medicinal, and cult purposes in classical antiquity. Thus olive and pomegranate, myrtle and rose join coriander and marjoram, garlic and thyme. In the introduction, the author draws … | 12.09. 2007
Japanese Anemone Hupehensis Anemone hupehensis - Japanese Anemone, Japanese Thimbleflower
Handsome lobed floiage with flowers held well above. The long blooming branching stems of poppy-like 2-3 flowers are great for cutting. Likes a semi-shade to shade moist area. perennial in zones 4-9 … | 02.06. 2007
Angraecoid Orchids: Species from the African Region Angraecoid Orchids
Species from the African Region | These so-called jewels of Africa with their sparkling flowers, distinctive growth habit and floriferous nature are much prized and this account, the first to include the angraecoid orchids of both Africa and Madagascar, is long awaited. It brings … | 01.04. 2007
Annuals & Perennials Annuals & Perennials
Botanica s Pocket (Botanica s Pocket Series) | With over 1000 colour photographs and more than 2000 plants listed, Botanica s Pocket Annuals & Perennials is sure to find an important place in your gardening library. This outstanding guide will help you find new and exciting ways … | 02.06. 2007
Annuals, Perennials, & Bulbs Annuals, Perennials, & Bulbs
Stunning flower gardens that bloom through the seasons depend on the artful combination of annuals, perennials, and bulbs. In this book, Anne Halpin shows you how to grow these plants and gives foolproof design techniques for any landscape. The extensive section on using color in … | 02.06. 2007
Antique Roses for the South Antique Roses for the South
Belinda s Dream, Katy Road Pink and Georgetown Tea, the names alone evoke images of glorious cottage gardens and arching trellises laden with perfumed blossoms. In this revised edition, rose expert Bill Welch updates the latest information and top sources for antique roses … | 29.03. 2007
Armitage's Garden Annuals: A Color Encyclopedia Armitage's Garden Annuals
A Color Encyclopedia | Horticulturists, students, and dedicated home gardeners will be familiar with Armitage s authority on this topic from his more technical Manual of Annuals, Biennials, and Half-Hardy Perennials. That volume was singled out as a winner of the Choice Academic Book … | 04.04. 2007
Armitage's Garden Perennials Armitage's Garden Perennials
Armitage s Garden Perennials is the most comprehensive single-volume photographic resource on perennial plants. It describes and illustrates the choice of perennials in 136 genera from Acanthus to Zauschneria … | 29.03. 2007
Armitage's Manual of Annuals, Biennials and Half-Hardy Perennials Armitage's Manual of Annuals, Biennials and Half-Hardy Perennials
Annuals are experiencing a resurgence as today s gardeners demand a wider variety of options. No longer confined to monotone bedding plants, dozens of unusual annuals are now available at garden centers in colors and forms far removed from the classic annual bed of pink petunias or … | 04.04. 2007
Armitage's Native Plants for North American Gardens Armitage's Native Plants for North American Gardens
The popularity of native North American plants has soared in recent years, for many good reasons. Whatever draws you to native plants, you ll find no better or more authoritative guide than Allan Armitage. Widely acknowledged as one of the world s foremost horticulturists, Armitage … | 03.04. 2007
Aroids: Plants of the Arum Family Aroids
Plants of the Arum Family | Originally published in 1988 as the first truly comprehensive review of one of the largest and most popular plant families, Aroids was enthusiastically welcomed by botanists and horticulturists alike for its attention to scientific detail and delightful … | 08.04. 2007
Art and the Gardener Art and the Gardener
In Art and the Gardener, Gordon Hayward s tenth book on garden design, he makes a radical departure from his earlier approaches in order to explore elements of visual language across two artistic disciplines-fine painting and garden design-in hopes that the remarkable crosscurrents … | 16.09. 2008
Artisan Farming Artisan Farming
Artisan Farming Lessons, Lore, and Recipes from New Mexico Astisan Farming focuses on the unique farming culture of New Mexico. Laden with rich photos, ripe with human interest stories, and bounteous with tantalizing recipes, Artisan Farming explores this state s one-of-a-kind agricultural … | 03.01. 2008
Australian Native Plants Concise Edition Australian Native Plants Concise Edition
Cultivation, Use in Landscaping and PropagationThis excellent volume of Australian native plants includes over 1500 species of plants, trees, shrubs, annuals, ground covers, bedding plants and climbers for your garden … | 11.08. 2011
Authentic Japanese Gardens Authentic Japanese Gardens
This beautifully illustrated book provides an inspirational and practical introduction to the traditions of Japanese Zen gardens, using natural materials such as wood, bamboo, rocks and pebbles. Emphasizing the value of shape in trees and shrubs with the subtlety of color through … | 23.09. 2016