Ficus carica 'Bornholm´s Diamond' - fig tree Ficus carica 'Bornholm´s Diamond' - fig tree
Another hardy fig that can grow and even fruit in our climate (zone 6) is called Bornholm’s Diamond (Bornholms Diamant). Its name and characteristics were derived from a Swedish variety called Bornholm bred on on island of the same name. This one is more tolerant of damp weather …
Forsythia viridissima 'Bronxensis' - golden bell Forsythia viridissima 'Bronxensis' - golden bell
Viridissima species of Golden bell originates in China. Bronxensis is one of its few but truly fantastic varieties valued for very attractive semi-evergreen foliage and primrose yellow, bell-shaped flowers in early spring (April in zone 6). Leaves are soft green, glossy, narrowly …
Forsythia viridissima var. koreana 'Kumson' - Korean Forsythia Forsythia viridissima var. koreana 'Kumson' - Korean Forsythia
Family: Oleaceae (For-syth-ia: after William Forsyth, 1737-1800, English horticulturist) ; F. viridissima koreana) A unique new variegated forsythia that we discovered in Korea. Dark green leaves are accented with an attractive network of silver veins. Typical forsythia flowers and … | 15.10. 2007
Fothergilla major - large witch alder Fothergilla major - large witch alder
Synonyms: Fothergilla latifolia, Fothergilla monticola This (large) witch alder is a special plant that originates in the USA. It is popular among collectors as well as garden designers who want to incorporate a nice and interesting shrub that is almost maintenance-free into their …
Fuchsia magellanica - Hardy Fuchsia Fuchsia magellanica - Hardy Fuchsia
If you love Fuchsia in hanging baskets, then you ll adore this plant. Masses of brilliant red pendant flowers act as beacons for hummingbirds. Completely cold hardy. In warmer climates it s an attractive evergreen and is deciduous (comes back from the roots) in colder regions. Grows … | 10.09. 2007