Fritillaria meleagris - Guinea-Hen Flower Fritillaria meleagris - Guinea-Hen Flower
Very easy to grow and very easy to get to bloom. Fantastic markings on each petal gives the plant it s common name, Guinea Hen Flower. It is also known as the Checkered Lily, Rattlesnake Lily, and Snake s Head Lily. The proper name for this plant of many names is Fritillaria meleagris … | 05.09. 2007
Fritillaria michailovskyi - Fritillary Fritillaria michailovskyi - Fritillary
Michael s Flower - Fritillaria michailovskyi | This species with its stunning color combination comes from Northeastern Turkey. Plant in well-drained, alkaline, deep, sandy loam amended with organic matter in full sun to light shade. For best effect, plant in clusters of 7 or 9 plants … | 28.11. 2007