The Pruning Book

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The Pruning Book

It is unlikely that the basics of pruning have ever before been assembled so thoroughly or comprehensively than in Lee Reich's The Pruning Book. With clear prose and generous diagrams and photographs, he takes the angst out of pruning for the beginning or experienced gardener. Included are all the basics presented in a step-by-step, friendly way to guide the reader through the pruning of ornamental bushes, evergreens, vines, trees, houseplants, and plants of almost every conceivable variety.

Along with the information on basic pruning, he also covers the use, care, and maintenance of pruning tools. A large section of the book is devoted to specialized pruning techniques, such as pollarding, topiary, bonsai, and espalier. Proper pruning can produce enhanced growth, higher food production in food plants, more lavish blooms in flowering plants, healthier plant life, and visionary garden creations through artistic techniques. Reich has provided everything the reader needs to understand the skill and art of pruning for spectacular results in the garden. --Mark A. Hetts
Book Description: Every gardener knows that pruning makes plants healthier, more fruitful, and more beautiful. But most gardeners wince at the thought of pruning. In The Pruning Book, master horticulturist Lee Reich provides a remedy for "fear of pruning," making this dreaded task almost fun. In easy-to-read, engaging language, Reich gives specific methods for pruning hundreds of species from the cold climates to the tropics. He covers every type of plant, from ornamental bushes, evergreens, ornamental vines, and edible fruit and nut trees to houseplants. For those with special pruning interests Reich also gives time-tested advice for bonsai, topiary, espalier, and pleaching. He even takes a fresh look at such routine chores as mowing a lawn, including his own strategy for creating "lawn nouveau." With this witty and useful reference, any gardener can learn to like pruning.
Author: Lee Reich,
Publisher: Taunton 1999-03-01
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